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Mechsell recognises and responds to the fact that sustainability has social, environmental and economical implications.

We aim to insure the Health and Safety of our craftsmen and others.
We aim for “lean construction”. By this we mean to deliver buildings and structures that improve the health and well being of its inhabitants, enabling them to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We source materials that have low energy intensity and minimise environmental damage in their production, construction, occupation and in dismantling of them.
Engaging with the local community
We actively engage with the local community to ensure that our activities do not affect local residents and retailers and we protect the local environment.
We want to exceed our customers’ expectations

  • We minimise the use of natural resources and energy during the construction phase.
  • We are considerate to our clients needs, our employees and others who affected by our works.
  • We aim to use local materials.
  • We choose materials carefully to ensure we do not waste materials as this makes economic and environmental good sense.

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