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From a one off deep clean to regular daily servicing, Mechsell Cleaning Services can provide you with an individual cleaning package to suit your specific requirements, and takes any hassle away, enabling you to focus on what you do best! For more details or to arrange a FREE no obligation quotation, please contact our team today on 01689 862 208 or email us via the contacts page!

Office Cleaning

A tidy desk means a tidy mind, and first impressions are always important therefore why not make your office a welcoming workplace to both your staff and clients and let Mechsell look after all your cleaning needs? From emptying the bins to cleaning up the kitchen, our reliable staff allow you to go home with the peace of mind that your office will have been seen to by the ‘cleaning fairies’ so you can enjoy a fresh start the following morning!

Showroom/Retail Cleaning

At Mechsell, we ensure the quality of your cleaning reflects the quality of your product, with the highest level of service creating a welcoming environment that enhances the buying experience for your potential customers. Whether it be a car showroom or shop front, Mechsell will take care of your requirements, providing a comprehensive cleaning service that will be as polished as your customer service!

Factory Welfare Cleaning

A busy factory can often result in a less than desirable looking workplace, and although we know that there can be exceptions to the rule… we understand that the last thing you want to be doing after a long shift at work is cleaning up the mess! At Mechsell we take the hassle away and provide a full cleaning service so that everything from your canteen areas to toilets and locker areas are taken care of.

Floor Cleaning

Whether it be Wooden, Vinyl, Altro or Marble… whatever your flooring, here at Mechsell we have the right solution for you. Our flooring specialist can determine how best to maintain or restore the type of flooring you require cleaning, using the correct method of treatment via scrubbing, buffing or polishing etc.

Carpet Cleaning

Here at Mechsell we like to work closely with our carpet cleaning specialist to ensure that each carpet is treated correctly to guarantee your carpet looks as good as new! Any carpet requiring a specialist clean is individually assessed to determine the appropriate method and solutions needed to complete the job.

Washroom Services

We can supply a range of efficient and cost effective washroom services such as Sanitary Bins, Waterless Urinal Systems, Vending Machines, Nappy and Hygiene Waste, etc. All these services are tailor made to suit your business and we have a duty of care to all our clients that all our washroom services are regularly serviced and dealt with complete discretion.

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Mechsell recognises and responds to the fact that sustainability has social, environmental and economical implications.

We aim to insure the Health and Safety of our craftsmen and others.
We aim for “lean construction”. By this we mean to deliver buildings and structures that improve the health and well being of its inhabitants, enabling them to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We source materials that have low energy intensity and minimise environmental damage in their production, construction, occupation and in dismantling of them.
Engaging with the local community
We actively engage with the local community to ensure that our activities do not affect local residents and retailers and we protect the local environment.
We want to exceed our customers’ expectations

  • We minimise the use of natural resources and energy during the construction phase.
  • We are considerate to our clients needs, our employees and others who affected by our works.
  • We aim to use local materials.
  • We choose materials carefully to ensure we do not waste materials as this makes economic and environmental good sense.

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